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“I finally broke the record this morning! I even got first place!”

“Ohhhh! You did it, Tendou-san! That’s amazing! Congratulations!”

“Yeah, thank you, Amano-kun!”

“Even though I’m pretty aware that you said ‘this morning’ instead of yesterday!”

“Yeah, don’t mention it, Amano-kun!”

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The two of us just cheered each other next to the hallway excitedly. I didn’t expect Aguri-san to bring light to the high score challenge yesterday after school. …It only took her a day to surpass the last club members! That’s our Tendou-san!”

I smiled and cheered Tendou-san excitedly.

“This way, you’re finally free from your painful struggle, Tendou-san!”

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However, Tendou-san tilted her head confusingly at what I said.

I don’t know what she’s thinking about, so I continued.

“Eh, Tendou-san, aren’t you exhausted during this week?”

“Uh, yeah.”