Which games on the Internet can make money

Which games on the Internet can make money

Pei Qian tried to stabilize his own emotions so that his parents would not notice that something was wrong with him. Then, he acted nonchalant as he handed the laptop over. “This is it.”

His parents placed the laptop on the coffee table and leaned over it at once.

“Boss Pei’s Daily Life?” Old Pei looked at Pei Qian suspiciously.

“Hehe, that’s the name of the series of short videos. I act as the company boss in these shows,” Pei Qian explained.

The video then started.

“I looked at my Rolex, not to look at the time, but to subconsciously let you know that I’m a whale.

“Today, I am going out on a whim. I want to make a new game; a game that would make all the players pay as much as they can.”

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The uninteresting?BGM1?coupled with the monotonous narration made this video particularly outstanding!

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In the video, Pei Qian was dressed in a suit and had on a Rolex. He was lying down on the sofa in the office’s guest room. On the coffee table beside him, there was a high-class tea set and tea. Everything looked so natural.

Even Pei Qian’s expressionless face looked realistic!

Boss Pei’s Daily Life’s style was very similar to Zhu Yidan’s Boring Life’s.

The first impression that the audience got from watching this video was that the life of a whale could indeed be extremely boring, meaningless, uninteresting, and even uncomfortable!

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However, the more they watched, the more they got used to this feeling!

Two advantages stood out about the style of the video.

First, it was distinctive; second, it was metaphorical.

The longer one watched, the more easily they could decipher the deeper meaning behind what was happening on screen. From the portrait shooting angle to the unchanging background music and the intentionally boring narration, everything seemed particularly memorable!

As for the metaphors…