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“Haruka-chan… You’re cute… You have a good sense of humour… and you’re smart…”

“No no… At the very least, you shouldn’t be saying that first bit.”

Although Haruka was somewhat surprised, she still consoled Airi.

“There’s no need for you girls to worry so much. There are far too many better targets among the guys.”

Keisei also followed-up with words of reassurance.

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“Yeah, the boys are the ones in real danger, so there’s no reason to be so serious right now.”

“Really, compared to the girls- Hey, isn’t that Hirata-kun?”

Haruka’s question sounded somewhat doubtful. The rest of us followed her line of sight.

Sure enough, there was Hirata, walking listlessly all by himself.

He was the type of guy who would always hold his head up high and never stopped smiling.

Now, however, it wouldn’t be accurate to say he gave off a cheerful impression, not even as flattery.

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“What did you expect? He’s probably worried about the exam.”

“Looks like it. Kinda like he’s a totally different person.”

The two of them worriedly watched as Hirata disappeared from view.

“He looks so distraught even though he doesn’t have to worry about getting expelled. He’s placing way too much of a burden on himself.”

“Someone’s going to be expelled. It’s unavoidable.”