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Can Bank of China can manually make money online?

「……Oh? Contestant Sebas Chandler! Please go up to the stage!」

The commentator made the announcement again, but the loud voice simply echoed.

「P-President… This is already…」

「Yeah, we have no choice but to withdraw…」

The moment the president called out to the Sword King Festival Executive Committee on behalf of Thousand Blade Academy – a small jet passed high above the stage.

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A man in tattered clothes fell from the sky at tremendous speed.

(Wha!? H-He threw himself off!? He won’t survive that height!)

Pulled down by gravity, he was falling faster every passing moment.

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「Ga, ha…!」

The mysterious man fell directly onto the stone paving, and a huge crater was formed in the center of the stage.

The sudden situation plunged the venue into silence.

「…Fuu, that was close. The parachute didn’t open. I almost got hurt…」

The mysterious man stood up as if nothing had happened and dusted off his clothes.

(W-What a crazy guy!)

He fell from a height of several hundred meters – unharmed.

That tenacity reminded me of Leia-sensei and No.18-san back at the summer training camp.