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Hello, I’m the innocent light novel author that still thinks dentists are scary after he grew up, Sekina Aoi. …You can’t just say I’m a coward.

Well, I didn’t just make zero progress in my childhood. I even started to devolve right now. However, there’s one thing that I can guarantee that I made progress in when compared to the entire human race.

Yes, that is the relationship with afterwords.

There are 3 pages for this afterword. However, the first sentence of the editor responsible for the pages is actually-

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“You want a couple more pages?”

It’s this. Will someone really suggest something like this to me? The worst problem is that my brain flashed something for a moment. “3 pages, …I think I’ve been disappointing the readers recently.”

That’s enough. What is actually an afterword? Currently, which world is the reader and I’m in for us to talk like this? This place is much weirder than the main story, right.

So, even though I hesitated for a bit, I still followed the “it’ll be over if I cut the main story short or the novel got more expensive” mentality. I wrote a 3-page afterword. Sorry.

Well, let’s talk about the plot. This time, it’s because the last volume is way too upset. Personally, I planned to make this volume into a “happy” episode. In reality, I’m not sure if this is happy or not. The editor said this to me. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen the comedy in the early stage of the series.” However, …honestly, I didn’t realize this at all. So-

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“Ah, y-yeah, you’re right. I did it on purpose. Y-You actually noticed it.”

I answered stiffly. …Indeed, perhaps it’s just like the early stage of the series. …I didn’t realize it. …Ahem.

The next volume is actually the <Gamers!> Short Story collection. We plan to release it in autumn. The content is mainly bundling the magazine stories together, but the magazine is about another plot line of <Gamers!>. Therefore, if readers are interested, please come and buy one. The book will contain the days Amano spent with his close gaming friends- …No, the days Amano spent with the “bombs” that weren’t in the main story.

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Also, during the release of this volume, the anime version of <Gamers!> Is already up. This is made by the fantastic staff and VAs when the original author is trembling over his fear of dentists. Please watch it if you’re interested. Aside from that, the first two volumes of <Gamers!> manga adaptation are also being released on Monthly Shonen Ace too! (Advertisement)