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From the expression on her face, it seemed like she was trying to hide some kind of bitterness.

It was probably because someone tried to ask her on a date, and she refused.

And as for the reason for that, Horikita should have noticed.

“The end of year exam seemed to take a toll on you.”

Even though it wouldn’t be a very appropriate way to start the conversation, I said that to Ichinose.

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It was because even if we deliberately beat around the bush not to reopen the wound she had from it, we would eventually get there anyway.

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And if that was the case, bringing it up earlier would be better as Ichinose would recover faster from it anyway.

Because she didn’t want to start with that topic, Horikita had a stiff expression for just a moment.

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Even so, she realised what I was doing and adjusted.

“Ahhhhh, umm, I lost. We were completely defeated by Ryuuen-san’s strategy.”

She seemed to have remembered something, sighing deeply, and shaking her head. Then she said that with certainty.

Drifting fretfully, Ichinose seemed to constantly sigh at her failure.