Do you really make money from the media?

Do you really make money from the media?

Pei Qian uninstalled the Gou Yan application with the mentality that he would not be able to get upset if he did not see it.

In short, the box office does not exist as long as I don’t see it!

Pei Qian had been cooped up in his rented apartment for the past few days. He was getting a little bored so he subconsciously opened Weibo, wanting to look at the latest news to see if there was any fresh stuff to adjust his depressed mood a little.

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However, there were only three hot searches on Weibo.


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#LuZhiyao’sacting# #TomorrowisBeautifulRealBrands#

Once again, Pei Qian was speechless.

You’ve been haunting me persistently!

The last two were not hot searches yesterday! He picked a random #LuZhiyao’sacting# thread and saw a draft interview.

‘Interview with Lu Zhiyao: Breakthrough in acting is all because of an eminent person’

“Tomorrow is Beautiful was released on February 22nd. A futuristic satirical story about science fiction broke the audience’s stereotype of domestic science fiction movies. The box office broke 80 million yuan in four days after the release, and it sparked heated discussions across the Internet.

“Lu Zhiyao has shown his brilliant acting skills in the film and vividly interprets the various emotions of a future person. The rivalry with the veteran actor Zhang Zuting is even more enjoyable for the audience.

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“During the roadshow, he heard comments from the audience. The highest praise he received so far was ‘an audience that completely forgot that the person on the screen is Lu Zhiyao’.”

A poster of Lu Zhiyao from Tomorrow is Beautiful was included.

“Lu Zhiyao’s toxicity for the box office had always been a topic of discussion. The audience summed it all up to various curses. It would seem that the box office of the movies he participated in, be it shot by a famous director or a big production, would never be able to escape its ill fate.

“If this statement seemed to hold some ridiculous meaning, then the audience’s discussion of ‘whether Lu Zhiyao has acting skills’ in the end would appear sharper and harsher.

“Evaluations such as ‘excessive performance’, ‘everyone he played were like himself’, ‘make one unable to focus on his character’ had been troubling Lu Zhiyao all the time. It tortured him after every movie.