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“Hey…W-Why are you two staring at me like I’m a prick! F-First and foremost, I didn’t try to strike up a conversation with her! I just enjoyed an exciting match with her…”

After I explained, …Tendou and Hoshinomori somehow stopped walking with a blush on their faces.

The two were scared with me as they yelled.

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“You enjoyed an exciting match with her?”

“Uh, what’s with the weird emphasis! It’s not like what you’ve thought! I didn’t mean anything about enjoying a match with her at night! I’m just talking about fighting games!”

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“…Fighting games…?”

“Hey, why are you two seemingly trying to look for an erotic metaphor for the word fighting games! What happened to my credibility in your hearts?”

What the hell is this? Why did my image suddenly turn into that of a player? W-Well, I did more or less try to be smooth and slick…! But with that only, on top of never cheated anyone, I feel like this is an unreasonable treatment.

I coughed to clear my throat as I continued.

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“So, Tendou, what are you trying to discuss with us? Upon hearing that, I feel like you can directly bring this up with Amano and let the matter ends there…”

“Ah, I’m curious about that as well.”

Hoshinomori has the same question. After Tendou gave us a weak smile, she hesitated for a bit before asking us while trembling.

“No…Although this is embarrassing, I’m scared if I brought this up to the boy directly…”


Hoshinomori and I were surprised at this unexpected word coming out from Tendou.

Tendou nodded as she continued.

“Uh, didn’t he rejected me when I invited him to the club in the past? should I put it…It’s like he brutally broke up with me…Perhaps I should say when gaming and I were put onto the balance in his heart, I ended up losing…”


Hoshinomori and I fell silent since we don’t know what to say.