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I discarded my feelings of shame and directly said,「I want Ria’s chocolate.」

When I strongly asked for Ria’s handmade chocolate,

「Do you… r-really want this?」

She slowly looked up at me, her voice trembling.

「O-Of course. Because that chocolate contains Ria’s “love”, right?」

「W-Well t-that’s… H-How do I say it…」

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She started blushing, her words became incoherent and eventually she nodded.

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「I see. Then I still want that chocolate.」


It is true that the chocolate may have a slightly distorted shape.

But it contains Ria’s love, her heart which thought of me, and the time we both crossed our swords.

「Of course, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you, but… I want the chocolate you made for me.」

And when I expressed my true feelings,