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Make nets online

With large beads of sweat on her forehead, she desperately got the words out of her mouth.

「Painful… my bo-body… is hot.」

「Your body is hot? …Wha!?」

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When I put my hand on her forehead, I noticed that she had an extremely high fever.

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(W-Why this sudden fever? No, this pattern is…!?)

Looking closely at Ria, a dark red pattern appeared on her nape.

(Is this a…『curse』!?)

Curse – An unknown power that monsters exercise.

Effects, activation conditions, and curse dissolving methods, little is known.

(Oh right, demons were a superior species of monsters….)

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In that case, it is no wonder that Zerey could use curse.

When I was thinking about that, the senior Holy Knights around me collapsed one by one.