How to write a novel to make money

How to write a novel to make money

The semi-commercial villas stood alone. That meant that vehicles would have their own entrance. Thus, it would probably not cause disturbance to residents in other villas.

What’s more, Pei Qian had already said that the restaurant would operate on a reservation and membership basis. They would strictly control the crowd and not allow any resident to be disturbed. Any impact on their daily lives would be minimized.

As for whether opening a restaurant in such a secluded area would be profitable or not…

It did not matter.

In any case, to the developer of Ming Yun Villas, all that mattered was selling the villas and earning money. Whether Boss Pei incurred losses or not was his problem, and it would not affect the developer in any way. In fact, they could stand to gain from it.

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On the other hand, to Boss Pei, incurring losses was more than he could ask for.

If they ran into other problems down the road, he could simply spend more money to resolve them. These would be the System Funds anyway-it wouldn’t be a problem!

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Soon, Assistant Xin arrived.

It was obvious that she was quite surprised.

Why is Boss Pei buying a house all of a sudden? What’s more, he’s buying a hilltop villa with a poor price-quality ratio, located on the outskirts of the city. He’s also buying the semi-commercial villa under the company’s name?

All of this had happened so suddenly. However, Assistant Xin was never one to ask too many questions. She worked according to Pei Qian’s requests. She negotiated the price, signed the contract, and finished up the other administrative matters.

Pei Qian continued to sip his tea nonchalantly. Then, he sent a message to Lu Mingliang.

“Make some time to create a new epic weapon for Ocean Stronghold. Limit the sales to ten thousand weapons. Once we hit the number, cease sales forever. It’ll be a limited edition weapon.”

He would not earn more money than he needed.

Pei Qian would never kill the goose that laid golden eggs.

Ocean Stronghold was in quite a good situation. The reason why so many people started playing the game was precisely that it had rare weapons and marketing value.