How to make money on WeChat

How to make money on WeChat

It could be said that today’s news conference was Long Yu Corporation and Finger Games officially declaring war on Tengda Corporation.

Eric had been preparing for this day for a long time.

Eric had been carefully preparing for today’s plan ever since he was removed from his position. He wanted to burn money to defeat Boss Pei in one fell swoop.

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After Eric regained control of IOI’s local server, he was also making preparations while patiently observing the timing.

The day had finally arrived.

Eric had been observing Tengda’s various industries seriously, thinking that this was the best time.

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‘Mission and Choice’ had invested a huge sum of money into the movie and game. It would take a long time for it to be repaid even though it was a success in terms of reputation.

The initial sales of G1 cell phones were not bad. There would definitely be a lot of stocks that required a huge amount of funds.

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According to sources, Otto Technologies had a new technological product to announce. According to Boss Pei’s character, this product would definitely be in large quantities.

All of this meant that Tengda’s already tight capital chain was under greater pressure.

If they were to engage in a money-burning war at this juncture, Boss Pei would not have much funds to use. It would be very beneficial to Eric!

The money-burning war could be carried out secretly but they had to hold a news conference and “announce it to the world” as high profile as possible in order to achieve the best results.

That was because most players would only know about this news if it was publicized. Fresh blood would then be attracted to the game.