Is the online tutor make money is a fraud?

Is the online tutor make money is a fraud?

The first Friday of September. I lazily looked at the forage rolls peppered across the rural scenery as I dragged my feet, slowly walking on the street towards Otobuki High School.

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Thanks to me leaving home a bit earlier today, I can’t see any of my classmates. Basically, most of Otobuki’s students take the bus to school. However, since I need to walk for 25 minutes on foot. For such a subtle distance, I will usually either take the bus, ride the bicycle, or walk based on my mood. Today’s situation is…I accidentally woke up too early, and I wish to have time to think alone, so I decided to walk to school.

Sparse clouds are floating over my head. I guess you can say today’s a sunny day. The breezes are way more refreshing than the past few days. Today’s probably the best day for walking.

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Even so, there isn’t the slightest indication that the knots in my heart are unwinding.

“…What do I even want?”

I’ve finally pissed myself off since I’ve suspecting over so many things.

After all, in this situation, Aguri and Amano did nothing wrong. It’s just that I’ve one-sidedly acknowledged the two’s bond for each other and getting agitated over it. If I have to spew my anger on someone, there’s no one for me to do that aside from myself.

I don’t know if it’s related to stress or sleep deprivation, I’m feeling a headache whenever I tried to suppress my anxiety by scratching my head forcefully. I’m only getting even more irritated. This way, perhaps walking to school is a failure, my mind is going haywire at this point.

I let out a deep sigh before grabbing my phone out from my pocket. While it’s not good to walk while paying attention to your phone, but when you’re in a rural, desolate area with a straight road and wide views. Please just bear with me here.

Even so, it’s not convenient to walk while reading news online. So, I opened something that I usually won’t play, …but I installed it because of Amano’s brainless recommendation list of idle type and clicking type mobile games.

It looks like an indie mobile game with familiar sound effects and 8-bit elements. By using the resources accumulated through the passage of time or clicking (like money and experience) to level up the player, you can increase the profit efficiency before letting it go idle for a while. That’s how this game is played.

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As for the actual game content, …for example, the character can earn 1 gold per minute initially. As long you level up it with money, it can make 10 gold per minute. So, the increased income can be used to strengthen the character and let it earn 100 gold per minute, then 1000…The value will increase gradually like this.