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「Hmm, how do I say this? No one is more qualified than you in this matter. Seeing as how you’re a『monster of reason』, I can send you forth with peace of mind.」

「A monster of reason?」I asked, puzzled.

「Fufu, living under the same roof with the extremely beautiful girl, Ria Vesteria – not to mention the master-slave relationship, yet you haven’t made a move on her. What else can someone call you, but a “monster of reason”?」

「M-Make a move? O-Of course I wouldn’t. That isn’t normal!」I raised my voice in protest, as my cheeks turned red.

「Hahaha, well, even if it’s a joke right now, all the students over there are so-called『Ladies』from high-profile families. They have little immunity to men. So, don’t you think a gentleman like you is the right person for the model case?」

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「Is that so?」

That still doesn’t make it any less troubling.

「Moreover, Idol seemed eager for your transfer. The director of the academy is also very welcoming to you.」


「Aa, yes. I am told she seems to be quite obsessed about you. Apparently, she had been replaying the recordings of all your matches in the Sword King Festival and is burning with revenge.」

「Aha, ha. That’s scary…」

The next time I fight her, it’s going to be much more fierce.

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After finishing the general explanation, sensei exhaled greatly.

「Well, that is why… What do you think? If you really don’t want to, I can call and refuse the model case proposal right away.」

Apparently, I still have a choice in this matter.

「This is not an easy decision…」

Do I go to the Ice King Academy with everyone?