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Qiao Liang had helped Slow Movement Studio for so long. Cai Jiadong was more familiar with him. He could tell that Qiao Liang was indeed a very smart UP Master and had a deep understanding of games.

Otherwise, how could he have deciphered Boss Pei’s true intentions so many times and be regarded by everyone as Boss Pei’s confidant?

This video would definitely change the current situation of the VR glasses!

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The video was not long. He finished watching it in no time.

Cai Jiadong put down his cell phone, looking enlightened.

“I see!”

“It looks like I’ve misunderstood Meng Chang. He’s not playing tricks in the dark. Instead, he’s strictly implementing this performance art plan according to Boss Pei’s instructions!”

Ye Zhizhou nodded. “Yes.”

“Meng Chang not only planned the entire publicity plan and filmed the promotional video according to Boss Pei’s intentions, but he also made use of his previous negative reputation. He himself became an important part of the performance art-style publicity.”

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“Previously, all of us did not trust Meng Chang much and felt that he would not do things honestly in Tengda. However, from the looks of it, he has changed after so long, being influenced and influenced by Boss Pei.”

“The current him should have completely given up on the cleverness he was previously proud of. Instead, he should have turned over a new leaf, humbly asking Boss Pei for guidance and learning.”

Wang Xiaobin added, “In that case, Meng Chang was also the one who helped Qiao Liang to create the game trial experience here.”

“Were they already preparing for this publicity plan at that time?”

“A portion of the credit is indeed Meng Chang’s. There’s no doubt about that.”

Everyone nodded.

Obviously, this was another powerful evidence of Meng Chang “turning over a new leaf” and “being changed by Boss Pei.”