What is mobile game online?

What is mobile game online?

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“What if I told you that the latter was softer and more exquisite, required more complicated work, and felt better? Would you still think you’re paying IQ tax?

“Similarly, ordinary people might think that branded bags that cost tens of thousands of yuan charge IQ tax. However, would multi-millionaires think the same?

“I think that most people haven’t thought about this question.

“That’s why some hate consumerism, but others don’t think much of it. They think that, as long as they have enough wealth to support it, they can buy branded shoes, bags, and so on.

“At this point, I won’t judge whether that behavior is right or wrong. I’ll just talk about Boss Pei’s views on the subject.

“Many people don’t like Struggle because they think that it brings attention to a problem without offering much of a solution.

“To this, I want to say that the income gap will never go away. It will always haunt us, and there are no good solutions for it at the moment. It’s impossible and impracticable to expect one person to come up with a satisfactory solution for all of us.

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“Everyone should think about this independently and offer their own answers.

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“However, Boss Pei has indeed offered a practicable solution. It’s just that people haven’t realized it yet.

“Let’s go back to how Boss Pei described his view of wealth in his speech. The most valuable resource that humans have is their focus. How should one make good use of the money in his hands, then?

“We should use it to boost our focus.

“That’s exactly what Boss Pei does.

“An analysis of Boss Li’s interview and the photograph of Boss Pei should help everyone understand this. Boss Pei is someone who spends all of his spare time thinking. He has been putting this into practice: even as a multi-millionaire, his focus is the most valuable thing to him.