Online investigation and make money experience

Online investigation and make money experience

“It’s already the final exam and you’re still copying mid-term homework. Not up to standard!”

“Baby Huang is so handsome. His muscles are a perfect match for the hero Modest!”

“These three minutes are really impressive. The details are perfect!”

“The first half was of a pale yellow Xuan paper and a monochrome sketch. It’s like a painting in an ancient book, highlighting the sense of history and epicness. The second half is a high precision game CG, highlighting the sense of authenticity and immersion. When the two styles are combined, they use the light of ‘Gods Descend’ in the middle as a transition has both foundation and depth. It’s awesome!”

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“The lines are not bad as well. They pointed out the theme of the game, the Fall of the Gods, and the Eternal Battlefield even though there were only three lines. The last line especially, ‘The Executors who walk the cruel world will protect the glory of the Gods with their mortal bodies’. It fits the CG plot and points out the gaming model of players controlling heroes. It’s perfect!”

“All clubs had their air time. The scenes of the battle in front are the star players of the veteran clubs. The heroes representing Huang Wang, Jiang Huan, and the others have all appeared. Lastly, the scenes in the temple were shot by the captains of the various clubs. The treatment has been maxed out!”

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“All the teams will have to work hard in order to show their faces in the publicity film when the Spring Competition begins!”

“Coincidentally, the star players in front seem to be from DGE Club. So, this seems to be a publicity film for DGE Club?”

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“The theme skins of each team? Does every team have them? What’s more, the profits of the skins are all given to the clubs. That’s so cool!”

“I read the details on the official website just now. Strictly speaking, every team produces a hero’s skin based on the hero’s strengths. In other words, there are only sixteen skins in total. Different heroes, different styles, and different team logos. It’s alright, but not much.”

“I think that’s a good idea! Compared to the useless things around the team uniform, buying skins is obviously the most cost-effective! What’s more, these skins are long-term profits. More would be sold as time goes by.”

“I can only say that Boss Pei is very kind. The big bosses of these clubs have all spent a lot of money on the GPL quota. With this skin and the advertising effect, they will likely be able to earn it back very quickly!”

“Tengda really knows how to play. The pre-season competition is still ongoing, but the promotional video for the spring competition has already been released. Not only did this promotional video turn the IOI World Competition’s promotional video into trash, but it also created a connection with the teams’ skin. It satisfied both the players and the various clubs. It’s awesome!”

“I think IOI’s teams would be so envious of such treatment that they would be forced to jump out of their skins?”

“I’ll comment below IOI’s video and show the players there the huge gap between the two sides!”

Soon, GPL’s Spring Competition publicity video was pushed onto Aili Island’s hot chart.

IOI’s publicity video might have been released two hours earlier but it was useless. GOG’s popularity had already crushed IOI in the domestic market. What’s more, this publicity video had beaten IOI in all aspects. Therefore, the publicity video for the GPL’s spring competition quickly surpassed IOI’s publicity video and reached the top!

What was even more depressing was that the comments section of IOI’s promotional video was originally peaceful. Most players and even passers-by felt that the publicity video produced by Long Yu Corporation was not bad and had tried their best, so they were all praising it.

However, the difference was obvious when compared to the publicity film for the GPL’s Spring Competition!