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Even Ike and the others who are usually very rowdy, immediately stopped to listen to what Chabashira had to say.

Even if it's just this, it still shows that they've grown somewhat.

"From this point onwards, you will be taken to an outdoors school deep in a certain mountain. In all likelihood, we'll arrive at our destination before another hour passes. The shorter the explanation takes the more of a 'grace period' you will have available".

So this means there's approximately one hour to go until the special exam starts.

Even if it takes 20 minutes to conduct the explanation that still leaves 40 minutes. That much time would be left for me to formulate a strategy in regards to the special exam.

That's probably what she meant by 'grace period'.

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"Isn't outdoors school something you attend in the summer?".

The mountains we can see from the highway are still covered in white snow.

A question came forth from Ike, who's an expert when it comes to mountains from his time as a boy scout.

"Can't you keep quiet and listen to me? I believe I've just told you about the 'grace period'".

Chabashira said so more pleasantly than angrily.

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Ike apologized and scratched his head.

A brief laughter ensued.

Outdoors school.

Since I haven't heard of that word before I looked it up on my phone.

"Taking place mainly in summer, it commonly takes place on a day with pleasant weather in places like mountains or other locations where greenery is abundant. Collective action is undertaken with the aim of promoting students' health. Also could refer to facilities used for that purpose".

I see. Like Ike said, it usually takes place in the summer. But still, it's not like it absolutely has to take place in that season or anything.

"Opportunities to meet senior students normally.....especially for students not participating in any club activity are limited. But at the outdoors school, we'll be taking collective action that goes beyond school years for 7 nights and 8 days. It's like something beyond even what the sports festival offered. The name of the special exam that will be taking place is 'Mixed Training Camp'. Since you'll still be anxious if it's just a verbal explanation I'll be distributing the materials now".