Online photo video can make money?

Online photo video can make money?

“Next, everyone will revolve around these suspicious points and think about the benefits of doing this.”

After some thought, the speech continued.

A bespectacled designer said, “The strength and structure of the various parts of the car are different. The effect to be achieved is nothing more than the different consequences of different cars colliding. It is more similar to the real car accident in reality.”

“That would make it seem more realistic and increase the authenticity of the game. At the same time, it could also educate players on a certain level of warning. Tell them that the wrong way of driving might lead to very serious consequences. That would also fit the theme of ‘safe and civilized driving’.”

“However, this should only be one of the considerations. If it’s just that, we shouldn’t have to invest so much resources.”

“Another explanation is… the collision of cars itself is also a selling point?”

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His hypothesis was stuck at this point because he could not think of why the collision of cars had become a selling point.

Wang Xiaobin pondered for a moment and said, “What if the car’s data is connected to the real data?”

“For example, we can link the car data in the game to the collision data released on certain websites so that the collision results in the game would be infinitely close to the collision results in reality.”

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“That way, players would be able to clearly understand the safety of a certain car in the game. This might have some guidance for them to buy a car in reality.”

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Everyone nodded. “That makes sense!”

There were indeed many racing games, but no one took the collision and car data in the game seriously.

That was because everyone knew that games were fake. While many games were trying their best to get the car data in the game closer to reality, they could not get that close because of the game’s restrictions.

Take a sports car for example. In reality, a sports car would crash at a speed of one or two hundred mph. It would immediately rise to the sky on the spot. However, in the game, players would often bump into each other. If they were crippled after a single collision, it would definitely severely affect players’ gaming experience.

Thus, even if there were car damage, many games would still make the car very solid. A few collisions would not affect its performance.

Boss Pei’s idea was obviously to completely abandon gameplay and achieve extreme authenticity so as to fill in the gap in this aspect!

The first problem was solved. Everyone quickly focused on the next problem.