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Everyone immediately cheered.

Ordinarily, one would not be able to eat at the nameless restaurant. Everyone had been waiting for this meal for months. How could they not be excited?

Once the filming was officially done, everyone relaxed. They enjoyed the delicacies while chatting and laughing. The atmosphere was harmonious.

After Pei Qian had his fill, he excused himself by saying that he was busy with work. Obviously, the crew had not had their fill yet. Some of them even started drinking and chatting.

Zhu Xiaoce and Huang Sibo continued discussing the later stages of ‘Mission and Choice’.

The filming crew, crew, and other staff could rest now, unless there were other scenes that needed to be filmed. However, there were still many problems with precision editing and post-production. Zhu Xiaoce and Huang Sibo could not rest just like that.

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Huang Sibo’s phone rang as they were discussing.

Huang Sibo took a look. It was Rui Yuchen.

Huang Sibo was a little surprised because his usual work had nothing to do with Rui Yuchen.

Rui Yuchen was in charge of Fish-Catching Take-Out. Why was he calling him? Could it be that Rui Yuchen wanted to advertise Fish-Catching Take-Out in the movie?

It was impossible even if that was the case. ‘Mission and Choice’ was a sci-fi genre. Would it be appropriate to include an advertisement for Fish-Catching Take-Out?

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Confused, Huang Sibo picked up the call.

After exchanging a few pleasantries, Rui Yuchen explained his intentions. “Brother Huang, it’s like this. You know that Boss Pei bought a company called Cold-Faced Lady, right? I spoke to the person-in-charge here a few days ago and found out that they want to shoot a documentary about street food.”