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「Judging by that reaction… Is that the strongest skill you have?」

Indiscriminate attack of storm and sand.

Certainly, in a group battle it will be a frightening ability, but… it is not an effective technique for an individual match.

「I-Impossible… Me, losing to a third-rate swordsman…」

He collapsed as though having given up.

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「-That settles the match. Now, please apologize to Ria.」

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And when I sheath my sword into it scabbard,

「An opening! Mountain Breeze Style Secret Technique – Collapsed Mountain!」

Suddenly, he stood up with great momentum, and unleashed a diagonal slash filled with killing intent.

I sighed involuntarily as I had seen the attack coming from a mile away.

(Haa… Returning the sword to its scabbard is not an『opening』by any means, though…)

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「Seventh Sword – Instant Flash」

The sword accelerated from within the scabbard, and there was only a gleam of light – the instructor’s soul dress was hacked in two.