2018 computer online make money

2018 computer online make money

Pei Qian: “... More or less.”

Obviously, Hu Xianbin and the others’ understanding differed from Pei Qian’s original idea by a hundred million points. However, that was good enough since the results were similar.

“As for the downloadable content design... Er, what have you discussed so far?” Pei Qian continued.

“I can give you some suggestions, but you will decide in the end.”

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At first, Pei Qian had not intended to get involved in the downloadable content design. He had many things to do now. It was just downloadable content for a game. He did not even care if he did not pay attention to it.

However, Pei Qian suddenly thought of something and changed his mind.

Until now, Repent and be Saved has not been offered for free!

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According to the System’s regulations, a standalone game could be given away for free if it was released for more than ten months and its current income had dropped to less than one-fifth of the revenue earned the month after it was released.

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However, the problem was that Repent and be Saved’s income was still very high. It would miraculously bounce back every time it was about to drop to one-fifth of the income earned the month after it was released!

The sales of Repent and be Saved’s kept ranging just like that. However, no matter how much they ranged, they could not reach the target to become free!

That made Pei Qian very pained and confused.

Who was still buying Repent and be Saved!

The game had been released for two years. Why was it still earning money?

It was ridiculous that it still could not be given away for free!