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Can I make money on all kinds of legendary games?

“We don’t even have any points to lose~!”

Sudou drew back his arm. Ah man, is he really going to knock him out?

I should really stop him. I pushed back my chair to get up—

“Ok, stop, stop!”

A girl called out.

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Sudou stopped at the unexpected new character.

“Hey, you’re not a part of this; don’t interfere.”

“Not a part of this? I’m trying to use this library, I can’t just overlook this disturbance. If you really wanted to hit him, can’t you do that outside?”

At the blonde girl’s reasonable words, Sudou let go of Yamawaki.

“And you guys, aren’t you provoking him too much? If this continued, do you think it would be fine if the school got word of this?”

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“S-sorry. We didn’t mean to do that, Ichinose.”

Ichinose. I remember hearing that name before.

Oh, it was the student in class B who was talking to Hoshinomiya-sensei.

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“Hey, let’s move. If we study here, we’ll become stupid too.”