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As for this time, …it’s not because of the above reasons. I already checked the new releases, and I don’t find anything particularly interesting. If I have to explain why, I guess it’s because today is just another ordinary day. I just stumbled upon here subconsciously.

When I entered the store, I walked around as I browsed the products. Since I’ve looked at all the new stuff already, there’s nothing remarkably surprising. The vintage section didn’t have anything worthy of discussion either.

Just as I plan to go home, I suddenly remembered the game that emphasizes local communication battles in the morning.

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(Well, even though I’m not buying it, I can still check out the package, right…)

I thought about that. Just as I’m about to move forward-

I noticed an unusual presence. I can’t help but take cover behind the shelves. When my pounding heart is calming down, I secretly glanced at the situation again. Indeed, it’s her, Karen Tendou. I held my breath for some reason.

(W-Why is our school’s idol here?)

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I can only see a beautiful girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, a perfect figure, and an incredible face. She’s so unrealistic to the point that I wouldn’t doubt she jumped out of an anime or manga. However, this girl is paying full attention to checking out games.


I can’t stop myself from looking at her beautiful face.

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Karen Tendou, she is the most famous person in our school- …No, she’s the most famous person in this region. Naturally, I don’t need to explain the reason. It’s because of that face.

I’ve only heard the rumors before. At one point, I doubted it and said, “Don’t underestimate anime. How can a girl that surpass anime exist in reality…”

However, when I saw her in high school, the barrier in my heart that isolated 2D and 3D was utterly destroyed.

She’s the legitimate “princess.”

She’s good at academics and sports. Her look and grade are both top-notch, and she’s an extremely noble person. Karen Tendou, the perfect human, created by God himself.

…Also, I’ve got absolutely no contact point with her, even though I don’t need to bring this up. She’s located at the top of the school pyramid. I’m a low-tier passerby, just like the class difference I’ve learned during humanity lessons. The best I can do is to look and admire her from afar, maybe including some light-novel fascination as well. It’ll only make me frightened and blessed at the same time if I talk to her. …I’ve never believed that I can see a person that makes me “frightened and blessed” at the same time until now. She’s a respectable presence that I can never hope to get close to while giving me such a feeling.

However, that Karen Tendou is actually browsing games.

(W-Why is she here? No, actually, there’s nothing wrong with Karen Tendou buying things in the game store. …However, she doesn’t match this background at all…)