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"But thank you, Uehara-san. I was really happy that you were willing to play games together with me!"


I felt a sense of salvation from his pure, Aguri-like smile.

At this moment I seemed to understand the common point between the two of them.

For them… the thing they love deeply is right beside them.

Amano has games; while Aguri has…

"? What’s the matter, Uehara-san? Your face is really red."

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“N-Nothing! F-Forget that, I have something to ask you…"

"Huh? Ah, okay? W-What’s the matter…?"

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Amano straightened his back a little nervously… He probably thought I will say something serious again… That made it hard for me to say it out too.

I turned silent for a moment… Staying like this won’t do either, so I made up my mind to ask Amano:

"… I can’t clear the Paradigm of Fantasia’s chapter 5 boss…”

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"Hmm… Ah, I see!"

I glanced at Amano from the corner of my eye. He was all smiles… unbelievably bright. Amano leaned his entire body forward.

“You can’t win by using normal method at that part!”

"So the story is scripted to lose? Eh, the game ends normally after I lose though…”

“No, not that, you can’t win if you don’t use the moves in the correct sequence.”

“Hmm?... Ah, I get it! The story did mention that a little!”