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「But don’t worry. This time, I’ll give you this special thing!」Zack said, taking out six black cloaks from the clothes shelf.

「It’s not something I can say out loud, but… We, the members of the Black Organization, have a thin sense of camaraderie. Even if we live in the same residential quarters, nobody even knows each other’s faces and names. Unless you’re a big deal, nobody even cares who lives next door.」

「Oh, is that so?」

「Aa, there’s a problem of high mortality rate on duty, so– No, that doesn’t matter right now. Well, what I’m trying to say is, even if there’s an unfamiliar group, no one is going to be snooping around if you’re wearing that black cloak.」he said, nodding with confidence.

「No, I appreciate the thought, but this size doesn’t fit at all.」

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Zack was a giant of two meters, and this black cloak which was made to fit his physique was too large.

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Even if they don’t know their friends’ faces, if we walked around dressed in this oversized, loose clothing, it would definitely raise suspicions.

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「Zahaha, that won’t be a problem. Just try wearing it once!」

「…Like this?」

The moment I put it on,

「T-This is…!?」

I don’t know how exactly it works, but the cloak, which was more than twice as big, changed its size to fit my physique.

「Zahahaha, are you surprised? After all, it’s a special cloak made by Rod Garf, the『Magician』!」


Another suspicious name has appeared.

「What, you don’t know? He is a strange fellow who makes nothing but mysterious things such as a magic tool which develops an advanced barrier, and a magic tool which suppresses the power of soul dress. I thought he was pretty famous, but… Well, it doesn’t matter right now.」Zack said, cutting the story short.「Now… it’s time to talk about the escape route.」

Zack traced the outer circumference of Belios Castle on the sketch in circles with the pen.

「This castle is a little special. There are no windows whatsoever. To prevent enemies from sneaking in. In other words, the method to get out of here is inevitably limited to three; Use a spot, exit through the front entrance on the first floor, or jump off the roof.」