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“There was also an evil group trying to lead public opinion astray by spreading rumors everywhere.”

“At this juncture, the situation was urgent. Tengda’s generals were in a state of panic. They asked Boss Pei: The enemy is powerful, what can we do?”

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“Boss Pei smiled indifferently: They were just a group of small fries trying to show off. What’s there to fear? The enemy will collapse without a fight in less than three days.”

“Everyone was skeptical when they heard that.”

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“It was time to travel to the battlefield.”

“Boss Pei traveled all the way to Shanghai alone and faced the battle alone. Tengda’s generals were all shocked. How could the commander-in-chief put himself in danger? However, Boss Pei had already secretly sent five elite spies in the qualifiers. If the five of them worked together, no one would be able to stop them. They are very powerful, but they don’t know that the situation in Shanghai is already in Boss Pei’s hands.”

“The next day, the five brave warriors fought tirelessly against the various clubs. The battle was intense from dawn till dusk. Millions of corpses were laid on the ground, and blood flowed into rivers. Boss Pei was supervising the battle from the front line. The ten thousand soldiers were calm and composed. The five warriors fought on with increasing courage. The enemy’s fleet was reduced to ashes with a calm smile.

“After this battle, the reputation of the five warriors in the qualifiers spread far and wide. The demons and small fries fled at the sight of the wind, collapsing without a fight. Boss Pei went deep into the enemy’s lair alone. Every club in Shanghai was scared out of their wits. Even little children would not dare to cry at night when they hear Boss Pei’s name.”

“There’s a poem that goes:”

“Boss Pei’s wisdom is rare in the world. He would get back at his enemies by charging into enemy territory alone. A small boat covers a thousand miles and a million strong soldiers take off their battle robes.”

“Painting analysis:”

“This painting uses a symmetrical design. The composition can be roughly divided into three parts: the center of the upper portion, the sides and the lower portion.

“The center of the upper portion is made up of the five players of FV Club. They have just won the qualifiers after 10 excruciating rounds and obtained the seeded entry for IOI World Competition. They are in high spirits and occupy the main position in the painting.”