Online financial makeup method

Online financial makeup method

As I was racking my brain over that,

「Now, Allen, this is your chance!」

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Sensei clapped her hands twice and cheered.


「Yeah, that’s right! Once the spirit core appears on the surface, it will wear out tremendously! Right now, you might even be able to get back power from that monster!」

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「I have to do that, o-one more time?」

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「Obviously, right? Come on, hold up your spirit sword! Don’t miss this opportunity!」

Sensei took my hand and made me hold the spirit sword tightly.

「B-But… what if that guy rampaged again…?」

「No matter. Such a trivial thing is not something that you, as a student, should care about. And most probably… he won’t come out again today. As long as he’s a spirit core, he will have that weakness. And it’s fine since I’m on the lookout.」

Then, sensei gave me a piece of advice.

「-However, never ever get involved with him when I’m not around… alright?」


Sensei said in a strong, firm, and serious tone that I’ve never heard from her before.

「Allen, your spirit core is a literal『monster』. It is on a different『rank』from the average spirit core. You, having just fought him, should know better than anyone how dangerous he is, right?」


Certainly, that guy’s strength… is on a completely different level.