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Initially, Manager Li had already made arrangements and informed the big clubs not to take over.

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Manager Li had thought that Boss Pei would publicize this matter widely in order to knock them down. Many people would have been invited to bid for it.

However, if Boss Pei had done that, he would have fallen for Manager Li’s trap.

Because of Manager Li’s initial operations, no matter how much Boss Pei advertised, there would not be many people bidding for it. That meant that Boss Pei would have no choice but to fork out his own money to take over the teams. At the same time, it would also mean that the GOG teams had been wrongly valued at such high prices.

If that had happened, SUG Club would have taken the money and left. Then, they would change teams and fight their way back to the GPL. They would have been able to earn a few million yuan just like that, and it would have been great.

The other clubs had had similar thoughts.

Yet, Boss Pei was not doing any publicity at all!

Manager Li tapped the table lightly and fell into deep thought.

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A moment later, he said in a low voice, “I understand Boss Pei’s plan. He... probably wants to ‘save the market’.

“He probably saw through our thoughts.

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“Think about it this way. If Boss Pei were to publicize it with great fanfare but not many people bidded for it, it would mean that GOG’s teams are not worth that much money. The show would not be able to continue.

“Thus, Boss Pei decided to close the market and only publicize it within a small area. He wanted the people around him to buy a little of it so that he could save the rest for himself. That way, it would give people the illusion that they were ‘in high demand’.

“To put it bluntly, it’s the same tactic used by certain merchants.

“Limit stock, and sell them bit by bit. Raise the transaction price and slowly ’empty the store’.

“That way, the market would not collapse, and they would earn more money!”