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“Will you be able to win in the future, huh.”

“If I said that I wanted to hear your opinions, would you answer me honestly?”

“If that’s what you want, I guess I could.”

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My answer wasn’t necessarily right.

However, Ichinose wanted an answer now.

But this was not something that can be clearly answered now.

The future had not yet been determined, and there were endless numbers of possibilities.

I know that Ichinose wasn’t the type of student to give up so easily here.

“We’re about to be in our 2nd years soon. That is to say, the new year is coming.”

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“Throughout the year, no matter what, you’ll have to fight together with your classmates. During then, you might experience happiness, sadness, and sometimes hardships as well, but even so, you must never stop advancing.”

Ichinose Honami has done her role as Class B’s leader to the best of her abilities up to now.

The only thing Ichinose Honami can do as the leader of Class B right now, was to recklessly continue to live her life as she has done up until now.