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Wu Bin and Cui Geng were celebrating excitedly.

Wu Bin suddenly realized his mission during the recruitment examinations for Tengda’s recruitment drive more than four months ago: to make more explanations for the Tengda spirit!

There were now three major items to Tengda spirit:

Work efficiently; focus on innovation...

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Obey the leader, maintain independent thinking...

Work-life balance, long-term goals!

However, obviously, it did not represent Boss Pei’s true thinking since it was just a one-sided interpretation.

Moreover, it could only provide guidance to Tengda’s employees.

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Therefore, Wu Bin and Cui Geng had been following in Boss Pei’s footsteps for more than four months; interviewing many people’s views on Boss Pei; and carefully identifying, selecting, organizing them into a book for a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the Tengda spirit.

They interviewed Boss Li, Liang Qingfan, Qiao Liang, and Ruan Guangjian and saw four completely different images of Boss Pei from them.

In Boss Li’s eyes, Boss Pei was a business genius who had both ‘cold’ and ‘generous’ characteristics.

As a strategist and business genius, Boss Pei had always remained calm and able to make the most correct decisions. He had always put Tengda’s interests first and had never been emotional.

At the same time, Boss Pei was very good at cooperating with the other people. Boss Pei would be very generous with sharing profits as long as there was a partner who firmly followed Boss Pei.

In Boss Li’s own words: ‘Boss Pei is the perfect blend between the cunning of a sly old fox and the idealism of a young man’.

In Liang Qingfan’s eyes, Boss Pei’s pursuit of the ultimate art was endless. Boss Pei did not intend to compromise and would not give up his pursuit of the ultimate art even if it may lead to the failure of the Sloth Apartments.