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Internet selling accounts to make money

And last place is Lilim-senpai with negative 60 million gold.

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It was a “perfect victory” with a huge difference of more than five times compared to the president in second place.

Moreover, I won three times in a row in all three battles.

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Not even once did I lose the first place.

「C-Cheating! This is cheating! This is absolutely weird!」

「Allen, be honest. You’re doing something wrong, aren’t you?」

「Allen-kun… you’re a little too strong for someone who is playing this Life game for the first time, don’t you think? Maybe, you’re using one of your tricks again?」

Just as I expected…

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The president, Ria, and Lilim-senpai made such claims in unison.

Pei Qian, “???”

Zhang Zuting, I had treated you so well; this is how you repay me! Pei Qian hurriedly took a look at the comments on Zhang Zuting’s Weibo account and ascertained the seriousness of the situation.

If the response was good, there was going to be trouble.

Zhang Zuting had already revealed the keywords ‘Jingzhou’ and ‘private kitchen’. If someone really was interested and started to ask around, what was Pei Qian going to do?

Although Zhang Zuting was no longer that popular, he still had his die-hard fans. If a few of them were coincidentally in Jingzhou and wanted to try a ‘Zhang Zuting dinner’, wouldn’t Pei Qian’s restaurant be exposed?

While Zhang Zuting’s popularity had tankedsince he posted this message a few days ago, more than five hundred comments had been left on it.

Pei Qian hurriedly took a look.