electronic money transfer

electronic money transfer

However, they certainly could not visit haunted houses every day. Once the novelty and popularity passed, the Thriller Hostel would be safe. That was why Pei Qian intended to stay away from the limelight over those two days. Going to Thriller Hostel now would definitely result in nothing good.

Yet, looking at Boss Pei’s nonchalant expression as he silently drank coffee and typed on his computer, Xiao Peng could not help but feel like the former was planning for possibilities.

How could Boss Pei resist going to Thriller Hostel on its opening day even though the key project had required such a huge investment and had taken such a long time to build?

What kind of perseverance did that show?!

Moreover, that was not something that could be done by perseverance alone. Boss Pei had to have absolute confidence in the Thriller Hostel project to maintain such a calm demeanor.

Xiao Peng could not help but sigh. Boss Pei was extraordinary!

Inspired by him, Xiao Peng found a quiet corner and began to seriously consider the upcoming work that he had to do for Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. That included the locations and preparations for the new branches.

As Pei Qian continued working on his mind map, his cell phone rang.

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Ding. He frowned and thought to himself: could there already be bad news from Thriller Hostel? It couldn’t be.

When he picked up the phone and saw who it was, Pei Qian rejoiced inside. However, he soon became startled and almost couldn’t stop himself from blurting out a ‘holy sh*t’.

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He had rejoiced because he had just received the income from Ruan’s skins! Ruan, the hero, had only been released at the beginning of the previous month. Until now, exactly one month had passed.

Of course, this would not be the only time he would receive the income.

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It seemed like exactly a month had passed, only out of coincidence. It just so happened that the team had to review the sum of money before distributing it. Thus, payment had been delayed from the beginning of the month to this Friday, which was the 8th.

Still, that was already considered quite efficient. There was nothing to be unhappy about.

What caused Pei Qian to nearly mutter ‘holy sh*t’ was that he had not expected to receive so little money.

The message clearly stated that the total amount he had received was 41,366.40 yuan. It was a proper account. At first, Pei Qian did not register it clearly. After counting the digits, he finally confirmed that he had received a five-figure sum-just 40,000 yuan.

“Did someone steal from me?”

The thought sprang up in Pei Qian’s head instinctively. It was not that he did not trust his own finance department, but that amount was much less than he had expected, wasn’t it?