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“Ah, I really understand how you feel since I’m the same type of person. However, I didn’t expect this. Konoha-san, I feel like you’re the extrovert type that loves to hang out with others.”

Konoha-san smiled bitterly at what I said.

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“Well, although I’m way more flexible than my loner senpai, it’s two separate things with whether you’re a flexible person and whether you’re willing to be one.”

“Uwah, that sounds deep.”

“It’s not deep. I’m just saying that whether I like being stopped by housewives from next door. They keep asking, ‘how are you doing at school’ or ‘Konoha, did you get a boyfriend’ every time.”

“Ah, …I get it. It’s not uncomfortable or frustrating, it’s just…”

“Yep. Honestly, it’s better to spend time like that on gaming.”

“You just said that out loud, but I guess it’s true.”

“Of course, if I said something sincere like, they’ll think I’m a ‘modern, cold-hearted teenager.’ So, I usually won’t say that.”

“I feel you. They wouldn’t even consider that I want to play games.”

“Exactly! Ay, well, I guess they’re right in a sense…”

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Konoha-san and I can’t help but smile bitterly at each other. It’s moments like this that can make me acknowledge this girl in front of me is indeed my “partner.”

Then, Konoha-san faced me with her back and slowly bowed down, and then she carefully swept the snow piled on the swing away as she continued.

“Because of that, I hate being stopped by my chatty neighbors. However, I still love a park like this. Even though there’s not a specific reason. How should I put it, perhaps it’s because of the experience when I was little. The concept of ‘this is a happy place’ has been funneled into my brain.”