How to sell online

How to sell online

After leaving the classroom with Chabashira-sensei, I observed the situation while keeping my distance from the stairs that Yamada Albert is keeping an eye on.

Just a little bit more.

Since I've come this far, there's no need for me to rush into action.

The more I delay, the more things will go the way I had planned. Of course being late comes with its own risks but it's a necessary risk I'm taking after considering the merits of doing so.

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"Shall we have a chat?".

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"Chat in a situation like this?".

I ignored Chabashira-sensei's doubts and started the conversation.

"It's something that happened not too long after enrollment but I remember Sudou wanting to purchase a point during the exam".

"...yeah I recall that. You and Horikita paid 100,000 points in total".

I think it's been half a year or more since then but time sure flies.

"There's nothing you can't buy with private points. That's what you said, no?".

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"It's the truth. Didn't Sudou's expulsion get nullified?".

"Yes, if it's just the purchase of points then it's still grounded in logic but if that's always permitted then there would be no expulsions in the first place, would there? Whenever someone gets a failing grade, someone else just needs to cover up for them the same way. By doing so, they'd be able to avoid expulsion at least".

"But it's not easy getting your hands on private points. This Class D miraculously maintained an abundance of points but an average Class D would only have half that. Besides, it's not like your classmates would all be friendly towards you. It's not strange for a student to prioritize their private points even if it means losing class points".