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Indeed... they had been playing a 4v5 the entire time...

While the enemies were sticking together and got a pick off, Ma Yang was farming creeps.

While the enemies were securing a core objective, Ma Yang was happily killing their jungle creep in enjoyment.

When their teammate was caught, Ma Yang suddenly realized it and called for ‘Missing!’ in his lane before continuing to farm creeps.

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Ma Yang commented regrettably, “Man, what a pity we lost.”

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He then poked his head down and looked at Pei Qian. “Brother Qian, you can’t just focus on getting fat yourself. You’ve got to carry the game!”

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Pei Qian nearly spat blood out.

Bloody hell, wasn’t I carrying hard enough?!

Are you only going to consider me a carry if I turn on a cheat such that I can blow up their throne with a single move?!

However, Pei Qian did not argue back because he knew full well that’s just the sort of person Ma Yang was...

It wasn’t that Ma Yang was making people sick intentionally, he was just a noob...

He belonged to the type of people whose capabilities were rather limited.

Pei Qian recalled that in year four, Ma Yang had joined all sorts of clubs enthusiastically while running errands for the teachers. When it came to classes, he was always attentive and didn’t miss any as well.

However, came graduation, not only did Ma Yang not get any good benefits, he couldn’t secure a good job either. In the end, he went home and started a job that his parents had found for him.

Of course, everyone had their own ambitions and that wasn’t exactly a bad choice Ma Yang made either.

But, it definitely wasn’t a good choice..

When it came to games, he was also the so-so type.

One can’t claim that he was good at the game. His game sense was slower than others and after all those years of playing, he had almost never carried a game singlehandedly.

Yet, he wasn’t exactly bad at the same time. His KDAs were mediocre but one can’t claim that he was the one that cost the game.