How to promote credit card online

How to promote credit card online

I made up my mind, exhaled loudly, and told her clearly.

「I-If you don’t mind, Ria… I would like to give this ring to you as a present.」

The next moment,


She brought her face closer, her eyes gleaming.

When I mustered my courage and told her, “I would like to give this ring to you as a present,” Ria leaned forward with her big gleaming eyes.


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「Aa. You always cook meals and take care of me. So, I just want to thank you for everything.」

As I immediately added that explanation,

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「Y-Yay… Allen is going to… for me!」

She held her hands tightly in front of her chest and burst into joy uncontrollably.

(…Thank goodness.)

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I never thought she would be so happy.

(I got to see Ria make such a happy face. I’ve already got enough for the value of 10 thousand gold.)

An indescribable large sense of fulfillment welled up from the bottom of my stomach.

Then I asked one of the employees to take the ring out of the glass case.

It seems to be a pretty popular product.