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“What’s more, are you planning to travel in China?”

Of course, it was not a problem for Huang Sibo to accompany Hu Xianbin on a holiday. As the person-in-charge of Fei Huang Workspace, Huang Sibo could slow down Fei Huang Workspace’s work progress for a month. Of course, Pei Qian could not ask for anything better.

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The two of them moved very quickly and completed the handover in the morning. That was not a problem. After all, the faster the handover, the more problems there would be. It could also slow down the progress of work.

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Pei Qian’s problem was if Bao Xu was ready for them to go on a holiday?

He could not go to work on the weekend. Bao Xu could not possibly finish up the travel agency within a day or two, right? He might not even be able to register for a company, much less recruit people.

What’s more, this kind of “trip that you can leave whenever you want” was obviously very limited in terms of destination. They could only play in China or go to a few countries that could be waived.

It would be the same both domestically and overseas. Why not go overseas to play?

Hu Xianbin cleared his throat awkwardly. “Ahem, Boss Pei, I’ve been working too hard. I can’t wait to go overseas and relax.”

“What’s more, Brother Huang and I don’t like going overseas. There are many fun places in the country that we haven’t been to. That’s why we decided to go overseas this time.”

Pei Qian did not pay much attention to it. This holiday was a place for the employees to choose. They only had to meet the standards for a long time. There were no restrictions on where they could go.

As long as the employees were indeed on holiday this month and did not sleep in hotels or play games every day, it would be fine.

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Pei Qian had no reason to stop Hu Xianbin since he was too tired and could not wait to go out and play.

As for whether it was domestically or overseas… that did not matter. It depended on his personal preferences.

Pei Qian nodded. “Alright, go ahead. Be safe on the way and have fun.”

“Alright, goodbye, Boss Pei!” Hu Xianbin happily left with his suitcase.

Pei Qian entered the building satisfied with Hu Xianbin’s back view and pressed the elevator button.

Every time Bao Xu went on a holiday, he would look like he had a deep feud. It made people subconsciously feel that traveling was a very bitter thing.

It was normal for him to travel happily like Hu Xianbin!

In the future, he had to glorify the culture of ‘happy travels’ in the company so that everyone could love traveling and the feeling of traveling all over the world.