What is the factory to make money?

What is the factory to make money?

「Uh… Where am I…?」

When I turned my head and checked the surroundings, there were the figures of Ria and Rose. They were sitting in a chair, with their upper body on my bed, and were sleeping. Finding the friends I knew calmed my heart a little.

I slowly raised my upper body so as not to wake the two of them, and leaned against the headboard.

「I see, this is the hospital…」

There was an electrode on my chest and an electrocardiograph next to the bed. The beeping sound was the sound of the horizontal line moving up and down with my heartbeat.

「What happened after that…」

After Sid-san unleashed a thrust at my neck… I honestly don’t remember much. However, I remember that『something』lurking within me was happily rampaging. At that time, I was sinking in deep, dark water.

I remember being very, very sleepy. But for some reason, I felt like I should never sleep. Then, as I fought the drowsiness, I heard Ria’s voice. When I turned towards the voice – I was pointing my sword at Ria.

I struggled to death. I struggled desperately in the water – and when I noticed, I was back in the real world.

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(What was all that about…?)

As I was thinking back to that time,


Ria rubbed her eyes, and slowly raised her upper body.

「Good morning, Ria.」

「!? A-Allen! You’re awake!」

With her eyes wide open, she hugged me tightly.