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The process of the entire annual meeting would be something like this:

First, they would have to go to the eighth floor to collect the tokens, consumer vouchers, and the red packet door gift. After which, they would have three hours of free time from 11 PM to 2 PM.

All employees could walk around the shopping mall as they pleased. They could go with their colleagues in the department or with their friends.

They could dine at any restaurant in the shopping mall with the lunch and dinner food vouchers. They could order food in buffet style. All expenses would be reimbursed by the company as long as there was no wastage of food.

On the other hand, the 1,000 yuan consumer vouchers could be used for any purchase in the shopping mall. The only limitation was that they could not be exchanged for money directly. They had to spend everything in the shopping mall.

After 2 PM, everyone could return to level 8 to continue playing games.

All eight floors of the shopping mall had been redecorated. They were filled with claw machines, rings, and various other mini games that could be played at will.

It was similar to last year’s annual meeting but on a much larger scale.

In addition, the GPL’s venue would be officially opened after 12 noon. Internal staff who formed teams in advance could go on stage to play friendly competitions to satisfy the addiction of professional players.

At four o’clock, after everyone had their fun, all employees would gather at the competition venue on the top floor and sit down according to the department’s area for the final lucky draw.

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The prizes for this annual meeting were even richer than last year. There were earphones, keyboards, game consoles, cameras, cell phones, computers, and various other digital products. At the same time, there were cash red packets and other more practical products like vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots.

The lucky draw would last for an hour and end at 5PM.

After that, everyone would disperse and head into the shopping mall for a free meal. Everyone would be on official holiday after dinner.

Pei Qian could not help but feel gratified after reading the entire annual meeting’s schedule.

Assistant Xin had indeed arranged the entire process of the annual meeting well. It was very satisfactory.

Who said that they had to eat together during the annual meeting?

In fact, the food at the annual meeting might not suit everyone’s taste. After all, there were so many people present. Some loved traditional Chinese food, some loved Western food, and some loved Japanese food... It was impossible to satisfy all of these flavors. They could only choose a menu that most people found acceptable.

What’s more, even though the annual meeting was cto have a meal together, only people at the same table could communicate with each other. It was rare for people from different departments to sit at the same table. It was even very unnecessary with Tengda’s way of operations.

Since that was the case, why did they have to squeeze into the same hall for a meal?