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If it was the latter, then it was weird that most of the students weren’t distressed.

However, even after one glance towards them, I could see that there were also students outside of Class A that had expressions of joy.

“What do you think?”

I asked Horikita for her opinion on the situation.

“Even if the shortcut to their dreams has been cut off, they can still use their own strength to make it a reality. As long as they have the strength, it can be accomplished.”

The path of life will continue to be trodden.

That is to say that many students had faced reality, and had determined their way forward, intending to continue on their path to their dreams.

If you look at it in another way, you could say that the 3 years they’ve spent on this magnificent stage was already mightily impressive.

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Some of the 3rd years returned to their dormitories without talking to them anyway, but the majority of them stopped.

The evidence of these three years the students here had endured was now as visible as scars.

Former student council president Horikita Manabu was still here.

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No one had gathered around him yet, so this should be a good opportunity.

If the number of people around him increases, then Horikita would find it hard to approach him.

Deep within her heart, Horikita was looking forward to this, and yet she didn’t take a single step.

“You should go.”

“I know.”