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「Card Memorizing… You mean memorization?」

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「Yes. You memorize the total order of the fifty-two cards in the deck. All the numbers from『1』to『13』and the four kinds of suits.」

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「T-That’s impossible, right!?」

「It’s easier than you might think when you get used to it. It takes about half the effort needed to memorize the『multiplication table』.」

「No, no… Even if you can memorize the order, if it’s shuffled, then it’s not going to be the same!」

「It won’t be a problem if you observe closely. All you have to do is change the order of the cards in your head.」

Compared to the earnest fight between swordsmen, where life and death is determined within a fraction of a second, it is not so difficult to follow the movement of the shuffle.

After that, every time the deck is shuffled, you just have to rebuild the order of the cards in your mind.

「If you remember the order of the deck, the rest will fall into place easily. When it’s your turn, just shuffle with little care so that the cards you want will come up. And there you go.」

I shuffled the deck and dealt five cards in front of the president. She unfolded it and became completely speechless.

It was the Royal Straight Flush that I showed many times a while ago.

「T-This means…! As long as Allen is the dealer no one can win!」

The president said while glaring at me.

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「No, that’s not always the case. I was able to use card memorization this time because of you, president.」