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「Alright, I promise! If I feel danger, I’ll return to the real world right away!」

Bacchus-san said, nodding.

「So… How do you get into my world of soul?」

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「We’re going to thinly connect each other’s spiritual power. Well, I’ll take care of all the difficult things. You don’t have to do anything in particular and just relax, kid.」

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Then he put his hand on my right shoulder.

「I’ll intrude into your world for a bit.」

After that, Bacchus-san closed his eyes and trespassed into the world of the soul ruled by Zeon.

After Bacchus-san entered the world of the soul, a certain amount of time flowed by.

(It’s kind of a strange feeling.)

Two massive spiritual powers collide violently in the depths of my chest.

Black, angry, evil spiritual power – this is unmistakably Zeon.

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And on the other hand, a pure, divine spiritual power a lot similar to Rose – this is surely Bacchus-san.

(For heaven’s sake, please finish safely without incident.)

When I was wishing for that in my heart,

「Ka, ha…」

Bacchus-san’s huge body shook violently, and collapsed.

「B-Bacchus-san… Are you okay!?」

「Ba-Bara, ra… T-This much is, no prob–… gaha…」

He vomited a lot of blood and stopped moving.