Online game make money can be sentenced

Online game make money can be sentenced

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That was why Pei Qian decided that he was going to buy cheap original art!

If he wanted to spend more money, he would just purchase more of them!

With 50 characters, he could continue to subdivide different stances after upgrading the levels and stars of the characters.

That was equivalent to having 50 basic characters where each would possess four different types of changes to represent them levelling up.

Based on a fixed price of 3,000 for every character multiplied by four different changes, that would be 150,000 – Pei Qian had estimated it perfectly.

After all, starter card games would not require models and that saved him some expenses.

But of course, the actual price would have to be offered by the other party – that was just a rough estimate that Pei Qian did.

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Ma Yang was puzzled – if everything was already fixed, what was he in charge of?

After looking at Pei Qian’s note carefully, he understood.

His job was to screw up the originals and modify!

In other words, it was to squeeze his creative juices to overhaul the designs of these 50 characters completely – best if they were completely unrecognizable anymore!

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It’s a bit sudden, but listen seriously to the question I’m about to ask and think about the answer carefully.

Question: Are people equal or not?

These days, all society loves to talk about is equality. People are calling for men and women to be treated equally, and shouting for society to get rid of inequality. They call for high employment rates for women, personal-use cars for everyone, and they go as far as to find fault with the order of the register of names. People even advocate equality for people with disabilities, and now the public is encouraged to stop using the term “disabled people.” Children are being taught that everyone is equal.