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Unbelievably, …this time, I didn’t freak out from embarrassment as well. I just smiled gently and accepted it. I was pretty happy with what he said. However, …since I understand the boy, I know what he’s going to say next.

Keita looked a bit hesitant at this point. …Even so, he still continued with determined eyes.

“However, no matter what, -the more important thing is, I still love Tendou-san.”


After that, …he’s so upset that his face wrinkled like he’s about to cry at any time. Even so, he still mustered that…brutal truth out.

“…I love her more, …more than I love you.”


However, I accepted that with a smile.

-He has to compare and rank people that he trusts the most.

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How torturing would that be to one’s soul? How many times did he blame and hurt himself during this week? He’s the most gentle boy that I know. At this point, ...I’m about to break into tears as well.

However, that’s not the thing I should be doing now. It’s because right now, …no, no matter where I’m, there’s only one thing I should tell him.

So, …I’m just the same as him. Even though I know no one benefits when I say that, even so, …I followed and conveyed my intense feelings for him.

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“Keita, …right now, I still really love you.”


“…I don’t want to…lose to Karen-san. I don’t want to…give up yet.”


Both of us fell silent for a moment.


…Actually, both of us really want to escape from this cruel game called love immediately. …It’s already not entertainment when the participants have to hurt each other as they move forward.