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“However, she has no airs at all and has a good character too. I’m just worried she might be a little too silly and naive about things to make her a good employee. But of course, you’ll be the one to decide whether or not we should accept her.”

‘Silly and naive?’

‘Doesn’t that just mean she has no working capabilities?’

‘That’s great! That’s the type of employee I like!’

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Pei Qian felt that this Lin Wan fit every single one of his recruitment requirements!

A carefree scion from a well to do family should not be too good at working – wasn’t that great?

“Alright, we’ll hire her then! For salary... let’s start with 4,000 a month before increasing it in the future. Sign an employment contract with her for me! As for work... right, we won’t really have much work recently so let’s not assign her to anything yet. Just let her do what she wants. Oh yeah, remember to count her in for Friday’s cohesion!”

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Pei Qian finished off briefly and thought nothing about the entire issue as he continued to daydream about his 500,000.

At the company, Ocean Stronghold’s development was in its final phase.

Because Bao Xu did not head to Guangzhou, he spent his days grinding through Ocean Stronghold’s story and recorded every single portion that seemed awkward so that Huang Sibo could amend them.

He wasn’t someone who had in-depth knowledge about game design theory; he merely trusted his guts.

Anything his guts pointed out, he recorded them for Huang Sibo.

Huang Sibo was the one who had to squeeze his brain juices to analyze where the issue was and somehow, he truly did manage to amend them.

In his heart, Huang Sibo knew that the story was a huge selling point for Ocean Stronghold and was the key in making it a class of its own. That’s why he had to try and perfect it!

But of course, the other aspects such as hand sensitivity, the game’s models, movements and other modes aside from the story were equally important as they determined the gamer experience.

All of these content were basically overseen by Bao Xu. He was a heavy gamer to begin with and the only thing that changed was him playing their own game instead of other games.

He did not find the work tough at all. Instead, he enjoyed it!

When he played other games, Bao Xu would feel helpless when he came across the parts he did not like.