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“A, amazing... it’s my first time... seeing Machio like that...”

“He’s completely swallowed up by big brother’s pace...”

Elder sis Tsukshi and Karui... and......

“Machio’s fighting style is basically passive. A waiting style. After letting the opponent hit you, you then reciprocate with a single counterattack to finish him off. However...... now he himself is attacking like that, swinging my limbs around... he seems to have completely lost himself.”

She... Sadiz... even if she doesn’t remember, she understood the battle situation.

And that fellow in the guest seat.

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“Impossible... more maneuvers and techniques that surpasses even Wacha... and with that dynamic vision and footwork, even the Breakthrough... thy concentration is also increasing. Furthermore, the breakthrough remains uninterrupted by Magical Breathing. With Machio as he is...”

“Ha~, is that so? Then, will it be Earth’s victory?”

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“Hmm... what will happen?”

However, Jamdi’el’s appearance from here seemed calm as she watched the fight, unlike the excited and frenzied appearance from a little while ago.

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From the looks of it, I can’t help but think that “there is still something”.

Of course, I don’t think that everything would go my way, but I was confident that I could do what I needed to do ...

“【Arcane True Zenith Double Lariat】! ...... kara!”

At that moment, I could instantly understand what Mr. Machio was trying to do.

A punch that spins around on the spot called a Lariat.

Originally, it would be a technique to blow away surrounding opponents.