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We’re finally free from the intense nervousness as we sighed.

Well, we’re already at the entrance. Both of us returned the flops, and we got back on our own shoes.

After that, we turned around. Tendou waved at us with a charming smile.

“Well, see you, Kiriya-san, Saika-san. I really appreciated you two today.”

“We’re the same. Well, see you, Tendou.”

“I had fun today. Even though I don’t want to yet, we have to bid farewell here.”

Ao and I said our goodbyes. We waved and walked out of the gate.

When Ao and I walked out of Tendou’s sight, …we sighed heavily. …Today was exhausting.

I grabbed my phone to check the time as we arrived at the station that leads to our home. Ao spoke up. “Ah, right.”

“Ayumu-san, we should at least confirm Amano-kun’s relationship with the Game Club, right?”

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“Oh, you’re right. Let me see…”

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I opened the messenger and asked Keita…as naturally as possible.

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< I just visited the Game Club in our university. I still don’t feel like joining them. I guess I love playing alone more. >

Let’s start the intro with a small lie. After that…

< Ah, come to think of it, Keita, did you have a bad relationship with your high school’s Game Club? >