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With a slightly embarrassed smile… and with tears dripping down her cheeks, she responded.

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“Yes, please take care of me. …My kind hero that I love.”

Her smile looked like it was wrapped in light as the scene faded out and the ending credits started to roll.

However, I continued to look at the screen, feeling dumbfounded.

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“(Did I… clear it?)”

I can’t believe it at all. I can’t believe it because I was completely stuck and thought it was nearly impossible. I thought that the best I could do was to look at a guide or give up.

Even then, this time… I was able to reach the ending. Furthermore, using my own power—

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“(…No, that’s wrong.)”

orrecting myself, I looked at my smartphone that I put to the side. …It was thanks to Aguri-san, Uehara-kun, and MONO that I realized that I shouldn’t “focus only on my relationship with Frau”.

No matter how much I love a person, it doesn’t mean that I should treat everyone else rudely. That’s obvious. This world doesn’t consist of only two people.

…For a loner like me… because I was someone who was so desperate to make a single friend, that thought never came to me. That’s why only I was unable to capture Frau… who cared about everyone around her and treated them as important people.

“…Thank you.”

Once again, I turned towards my smartphone and showed my gratitude.

After watching through and enjoying the final moments, closing with Frau’s smiling expression, I turned off the game console and lied down under the blankets.