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「Bastard… you just laughed at me, didn’t you?」

Sid-san probably he has sharp ears, as he said towards the man while glaring. The low and cold tone echoed throughout the venue.

「N-N-No, no! That’s not true at all!」

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The man shook his head frantically, his teeth rattling with much fear.

「I’ve clearly remember your face, yeah? So, take care when walking down the street at night.」


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Fearfully, the man ran away from the spot and left the venue. The venue fell silent in that sudden situation.


There is no doubt that he is a sharp person.

(Not a compliment, but… that was a great throw.)

It was about a hundred meters from here to that spectator seat. Moreover, it was not completely windless. Given the conditions, that was a splendid throw that shot out exactly where he aimed. Sharp hearing, superhuman visual acuity, strong arm strength, and stubbornness – just by looking at the current act, I can tell that he has the skills necessary for a swordsman at a high level.

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(He is no ordinary man after all…)